The Vulpine Voice 2021

Welcome, gravehounds, to The Vulpine Voice. This is my one stop home for shorter, blog style articles. Ranging from news and opinion to occasional book reviews, this irregularly updated area of The Vulpine Portfolio allows you all to see what makes a sour old fox like myself tick in close enough detail to smell the fur.

Black Dog Blues
Most magickians fall afoul of depression at some point in their lives. It comes with the territory for individuals who consistently push the boundaries of consensus reality, descending like a numbing cloak to paralyse otherwise brilliant minds past

The Bunk Of Berkeley Square
Early on in my occult career I was something of an adventurer. Spurred on by a love of television shows such as Urban Gothic and The X Files, I spent many an evening exploring abandoned and supposedly haunted sites all around London. Perhaps, in hindsight