The Vulpine Voice 2021

Welcome, gravehounds, to The Vulpine Voice. This is my one stop home for shorter, blog style articles. Ranging from news and opinion to occasional book reviews, this irregularly updated area of The Vulpine Portfolio allows you all to see what makes a sour old fox like myself tick in close enough detail to smell the fur.

Designing The Other
It is worth remembering that the religions of old no longer have any right under law to punish us for how we do or do not pray in the United Kingdom. Yet as highlighted by the life of the late David Farrant, a man who was convicted on a laundry list of minor charges

A Hollow Blessing
It would be safe to say that the many and varied intricacies of the chaos magick meta paradigm are now an integral part of my everyday occult practice. Most important of these, aside perhaps from all the sigils and tulpas that I create, is the concept of the void

Cloaked In Shadows
Sadly, no magickian is an island, nor chaote a small principality. As such there will be occasions when you come up against something or someone who, quite frankly, you would be better off avoiding. With that in mind I thought it might prove useful

Zine Underground
As someone who grew up in London, a city as steeped in magick as it is mythology, the disjointed nature of the occult community out here in Cardiff remains a massive shock to the system. This almost dismissive nature is amply illustrated when looking

A Magickal Gathering
Magic The Gathering. As someone who dips in and out of the hobby every so often I remain intrigued by what options a collectable card game format might present for those with an interest in creating novel ritual tools. After all, if there are occultists among us

Sour Old Fox
Long term followers of The Vulpine Portfolio will have noticed the lengthening shadows weaving their way through my output since reinstating the Vulpine Voice section late last year. Honestly, as I grow older I find myself tired and disillusioned

Accelerated Evolution
When I stumble upon a fellow occultist who is willing to share some of their accumulated knowledge the question of what is in it for them inevitably springs to mind. This is a healthy attitude, especially in a realm where those who would become our mentors

Contextual Pedigree
I have been lucky enough to experience many supposedly occult and paranormal events since moving from Fortean researcher to self appointed chaos magickian almost twenty years ago. However, as I look back with the cold eyes of a more mature, more questioning

Digital Sacrifice
While the esoteric aspects of my life are in many ways the most important, it is not unknown for me to spend hundreds of hours exploring a select few hack and slash role playing games in the downtime between occult projects. True, the weird has been with me as

Black Dog Blues
Most magickians fall afoul of depression at some point in their lives. It comes with the territory for individuals who consistently push the boundaries of consensus reality, descending like a numbing cloak to paralyse otherwise brilliant minds past

The Bunk Of Berkeley Square
Early on in my occult career I was something of an adventurer. Spurred on by a love of television shows such as Urban Gothic and The X Files, I spent many an evening exploring abandoned and supposedly haunted sites all around London. Perhaps, in hindsight