The Vulpine Voice 2020

Welcome, gravehounds, to The Vulpine Voice. This is my one stop home for shorter, blog style articles. Ranging from news and opinion to occasional book reviews, this irregularly updated area of The Vulpine Portfolio allows you all to see what makes a sour old fox like myself tick in close enough detail to smell the fur.

Interview With The Damned
Way back in July 2015, when I used to write under the nom de plume of Fox The Rebel, I was asked to take part in the Highgate Vampire Symposium as the resident expert on both necromancy and tulpa creation. During the preparations for the event Della Farrant

A Historical Divide
Anyone with an interest in the history of both Neopaganism and the wider magickal movement should understand just how deeply people who claim to control unseen forces are mistrusted by the mainstream. Even before the days of the organised church

Expendable Assets
Morality in occultism tends to be a touchy area. Believing that magick is neither black nor white I have never held much truck with the concepts of Karma or three fold return, nor will I undertake penance for actions that others might consider to be negative either ….

Ghosts Of A Former World
As many of my regular readers will already know I have more than a passing interest in the history of the many allied trades that make up the modern magickal diaspora. Socially minded, yet anarchic by choice, my hollow nature has left me apart from ….

Nine Tips For New Occultists
The following blog is designed for those younger magickians who are just setting out on their first spiritual journey. It covers some often overlooked social aspects of the occult lifestyle, as well as identifying a few of the mental stumbling blocks that can get ….

Aleister Randi LaVey
Like many chaotes I am by nature a rebel in the truest sense of the word. I believe in nothing, trust no one and consider very little to be set in stone. That said while I understand the rationale behind holding a sceptical mindset, having spent a couple of years ….

Shortcuts And Chainsaws
While I was a dedicated player of both Dungeons and Dragons and the World of Darkness tabletop role-playing games in my late teens, it was neither Ravenloft or Mage: The Ascension which fuelled my love for the mystical. Comics, anime and Warhammer ….

October Rust
I am always melancholy around my birthday. Perhaps it comes from edging past forty, but my thoughts inevitably turn to darker things as October rolls around. This year I am doubly troubled, as my natural nihilism coupled with the stresses and strains of already ….

Internet Kids
There is a running joke among many occultists about the so-called internet kids, an eclectic group of less experienced magickians who boast strong ties to pop culture. Suffering from some form of retrograde amnesia the ever judgemental wizards from Generation Hex .

My Vulpine Voice
Welcome to The Vulpine Voice, a subtly distinct area of my online portfolio that carries a vitally important purpose. The idea of this section is to provide a platform for all of the opinions and personal observations that might not make it into fully fledged essays .