The Vulpine Necronet

Welcome to The Vulpine Necronet, a continually updated record of all those occultists, Forteans and misfits who have travelled beyond the veil to take up residence in the otherworld. The following information is arranged in a very specific order – not by date of birth but by date of death. This is in keeping with the necromantic tone that underpins the entire project, and makes this list a thoroughly novel, if admittedly morbid idea. While each individual entry is small they are designed to simply whet the viewer’s appetite, and a quick web search should reveal exactly why these mystical figures deserve to be remembered by students of the weird everywhere. Cineri gloria sera venit, as they say.

Art Bell
Died 13 April 2018
Born 17 June 1945

A man who was instrumental in bringing Fortean topics to the masses, Arther William Bell the Third was the broadcaster behind the wildly successful Coast to Coast AM radio show. Gravelly voiced and not one to suffer fools, he gave an early platform to many within the alternative and conspiracy fields. Yet while Bell was a hero to many, his life was not without controversy. Art received the Snuffed Candle award from the Committee for Skeptical Enquiry for promoting conspiracies on his show, a chastisement that he famously treated as an accolade, and also failed to honour numerous attempts at a broadcasting comeback as well.

Charles Manson
Died 19 November 2017
Born 12 November 1934

The catalyst for a series of violent murders during the Sixties, Charles Manson is cited by some as single-handedly sounding the death knell for the Summer of Love. A highly adversarial figure, Manson gleefully accepted the role of bogeyman for an America looking to step back from a free love aesthetic that was already wearing thin. Supposedly involved with the Process Church and a student of L. Ron Hubbard, at least in the minds of numerous outraged Christian groups both then and now, his much discussed links to the occult and influence on Satanic groups such as Radio Werewolf were both spurious and purely reflective.

David Bowie
Died 10 January 2016
Born 08 January 1947

Born in South London as David Robert Jones, David Bowie was a talented singer and occasional actor who would profess a very mutable spirituality for most of his life. Initially drawn to Buddhism, he experimented with both Gnosticism and the Kabbalah as well as professing at least a passing interest in the ideas of Aliester Crowley. This fascination seems to have extended beyond the Great Beast to the work Golden Dawn in general, as supported by vague hints found in various interviews given to the music press. His final album before passing away, Black Star, is steeped in occult imagery and stands as a fitting epitaph for a most magickal life.

Max Beauvoir
Died 12 September 2015
Born 25 August 1936

Max Beauvoir was recognised as one of the highest authorities within the Haitian Voudou tradition. Educated in both the the USA and France, Beauvoir saw some success as a biochemist specialising in synthesising metabolic steroids, before the death of his father catalysed a return to Haiti and initiation as a Houngan. He is responsible for setting up the National Confederation of Haitian Vodou, a group which still seeks to defend practitioners of the faith from persecution in his home country, as well as The Temple of Yehwe, a non profit organisation that sought to promote education concerning Afro-American religions in the USA.

Margot Adler
Died 28 July 2014
Born 16 April 1946

Best known for the highly influential book, Drawing Down the Moon, Margot Adler was also a talented journalist and radio broadcaster who specialised in various social interest topics. A Wiccan priestess and member of the Covenant of the Goddess, Adler’s writing formed the initial gateway to modern Neopaganism for many American practitioners, and as such is an important milestone in the history of the movement. Possessed of a keen mind and inquisitive nature, she openly identified as Pagan during a period when such beliefs were still perceived as in some way tainted by the Christian Devil, weathering the resulting discrimination with her head held high.

John Keel
Died 03 July 2009
Born 25 March 1930

The main antagonist of the Mothman Prophesies, and author of numerous books on UFOlogy and Forteana, John Alva Keel was a vocal proponent of the idea that the mysterious lights sighted across the United States at the time were not physical, nuts and bolts craft. Famous for confronting the Men In Black around Point Pleasant in the 1960’s, Keel also championed the concept of window areas, locations where weird events would cluster seemingly at random. A tireless researcher who ended up living an extremely bizarre life, John succeeded in collecting many of the stories which would form the backbone of modern paranormal thought long after his death.