Technopagan History
Influential and perhaps even central to the dissemination of occult and paranormal ideas in the online space, Technopaganism is a cornerstone of modern spirituality. This essay offers a short retrospective on our almost forgotten movement.

Technopagan Symbology
Memetic magick utilises the media as a carrier wave to deliver mind viruses to an ever expanding audience. As a product of the emergent digital culture of the 1990’s, Technopaganism has a closer association with this concept than many may realise.

Technopagan Problems
As with any idea that has fallen out of favour with the masses, there are issues inherent in resurrecting the dual concepts of Technopaganism and Technoshamanism for the current era. This short essay discusses those potential hazards.

Technopagan Sacrifice
Based around the concept of using permadeath to the magickian’s advantage, this essay highlights a digital ritual designed to use video games as both storehouses for mental energy and a pre-planned sigil trigger too.

Technopagan Mortality
Technology, with all its talk of hollograms and artificial intelligence, is eroding the reverence we once held for the dead. And our obsession with reaching for the future is unlikely to help champion respect where the dearly departed are concerned.