Despite my continued efforts to breed a Technopagan offshoot that retains the positivist mindset of the original while also accepting the toxicity of the ultra modern world that we have now created, numerous interrelated events have forced my thinking towards darker things of late. Coupled with the lack of a defined spiritual patron this has … Continue reading Necrodigital

Abyssal Condition

Among the many misquoted concepts that Crowley has given us, crossing the abyss has to be the most interesting. Much has been written about this complex and in many ways difficult to definitively describe process whereby the occultist literally unmakes themselves. The ego is dissolved as the hidden Sephira, Da’ath, is accessed, allowing them to become … Continue reading Abyssal Condition


Those of you who have been following me for a while may have realised that I conduct the majority of my occult interactions completely online. Indeed, eschewing any form of real world coven or group structure is as important to me as actively participating in said old aeon gatherings may be to others. Despite everything … Continue reading Solitaire