A Current Meme

Five of Swords Magazine is a passion project created by a small group of bleeding edge magickians, offered free in PDF format via drop box links posted on various social media platforms. Designed to showcase some of the more advanced ideas within the modern occult diaspora, this article was actually right at the front of … Continue reading A Current Meme

Chaotic Currency

Peter Steele, the sourly misanthropic front man for both Carnivore and Type O Negative, was fond of stating that metal should offend everyone equally. In many ways this anarchic call to arms is reflected in the chaos current, forming an intriguing undertone to the solipsistic viewpoint held by most of the occultists who still flock … Continue reading Chaotic Currency

Fortean Comparisons

The experiences of other occultists intrigue me no end. Famous, infamous, even relatively unknown, their stories offer a window into the mechanics underlying our collective involvement with the weird shit roadshow that is modern magick.┬áThose who share my passing interest in pop culture will no doubt be aware that two of the more influential thinkers … Continue reading Fortean Comparisons

Fortean Bunk

Early on in my occult career I was something of an adventurer. Spurred on by a love of Hellblazer and the unusual exploits of Mulder and Scully, I spent many an evening exploring abandoned and supposedly haunted sites all around London. Perhaps, in hindsight, it was inevitable that I would seek out urban legends in … Continue reading Fortean Bunk