Despite my continued efforts to breed a Technopagan offshoot that retains the positivist mindset of the original while also accepting the toxicity of the ultra modern world that we have now created, numerous interrelated events have forced my thinking towards darker things of late. Coupled with the lack of a defined spiritual patron this has … Continue reading Necrodigital

Year One

The Vulpine Blog turns one year old this week. While my online portfolio was actually registered a few months earlier, it was twelve months tomorrow that I posted the first of these shorter and more conversational entries. Fifty-two blogs have thus been uploaded, ignoring the irregular reposts of my externally published work, making this number … Continue reading Year One

Scatter Sigils

One of the main reasons that I initially gravitated towards sigil magick was the way it played into my existing skill set. As an artist of some small talent I quickly found that there was little stopping me from embedding increasingly complex memetic glyphs into unrelated commissions, be this through logos, tatoos or even the … Continue reading Scatter Sigils