Chaotic Howling

Most magickians fall foul of depression at some point in their lives. It comes with the territory for individuals who consistently push the boundaries of consensus reality, descending like a numbing cloak to paralyse otherwise brilliant minds past the point of complete inertia. Perhaps it is a direct result of living lifestyles which enhance our … Continue reading Chaotic Howling

Chaotic Neutral

Chaos magick. A set of tools for creating change in line with the occultist's will and a meta-system that too few really understand. Those, like myself, who have spent any time working within this not quite paradigm will readily tell you that it strains to overlap with the scientific method. Replicability forms an important aspect … Continue reading Chaotic Neutral

Chaotic Creation

One of the most interesting aspects of the chaos current is its reliance on the utilisation of servitors for a variety of menial tasks. While there tends to be a general consensus about the limitations of these ersatz entities, such as a pronounced degradation of their core personality after a given period of time, the … Continue reading Chaotic Creation