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Remembering David Farrant
A short obituary created for Pagan Dawn Magazine back at Lammas of 2019, it seeks to concisely describe the importance of David Farrant to the wider esoteric diaspora whilst also remaining respectful to those who will miss him the most.

Pagan Spirits
Before I was a necromancer of any real skill, I was a freelance ghost hunter. Drawing on that experience I created this short but engaging essay on ghost hunting from an occult perspective, as featured in the Samhain 2018 edition of Pagan Dawn magazine.

Highgate Hindsight
While the modern Pagan community may realise that such beliefs were once taboo, many tend to overlook the story of Britain’s last true witchcraft trial. This is it, as retold in the Beltane 2018 edition of Pagan Dawn magazine.

Rebellious Kisses
An introspective on my ongoing relationship with the dark goddess Lilith, focusing especially upon her more adversarial and defiant aspects. It initially saw print in the winter 2016 edition of Pagan Dawn magazine.