Portfolio News

Click here to buy Conjure Codex Four, featuring my most recent article on necromancy

Further expanded the glossary section of my portfolio. Of special note are the entries on both Accelerationism and hyperstition, which were tricky to translate to plain language but hopefully worth the effort.

Posted These Viral Gods to my unpublished writing section. It was an article I originally created for the fourth issue of Five of Swords Esoteric Magazine, which has sadly been put on indefinite hold.

Added a short glossary page here in an effort to aid those who stumble upon my work without specialised knowledge of concepts such as memetics or hyperstition to better grasp the arguments that I am trying to make.

It is with a heavy heart that I am passing on the news that Five of Swords Magazine is being put on permanent hiatus. It was a fantastic project to be a part of, and I hope it returns sooner rather than later.

Received my author’s copy of Conjure Codex Four yesterday, and there are some fantastic articles in there. My contribution on modern necromancy is but the tip of a very deep iceberg. Hats off to Hadean Press for another great anthology.

The first article has gone live in my new unpublished writing section. It is a simple ritual for reinventing your magickal self that I originally created for a friend back in 2019. You can find it
here if you want to take a look.

Major remodelling work at The Vulpine Portfolio to make everything easier to read on different sized screens, as well as adding sections for both unpublished articles and portfolio updates too. Big changes are on the way.