Occult Activism

Activist Aeon
Much freedom has been lost since entering the Twenty-First Century, and though many in the magickal realm may not realise it at first, their right to be different is under siege from all sides. This short essay is an introduction of sorts, and a warning too.

Activist Architecture
While it would be disingenuous to claim that the architects behind the expansion of early Catholic infrastructure had the slightest inkling of memetic theory, it cannot be denied just how much power the even the smallest church building holds.

Activist Persecution
While the impact of the Burning Times may have been heavily exaggerated by witches with an axe to grind, the history of magickal persecution goes way back into the mists of history. This short essay offers a small snapshot of that weaponized prejudice.

Activist Paranoia
While some occultists would prefer to work with the representatives of the ever expanding conspiracy genre, in truth the heavily Christianized roots of that ersatz movement puts it at odds with magick on a fundamental level.

Activist Commandment
To give in to belief is to be broken in some way. That is the rallying cry of the ultra skeptic, a totalitarian subset of the Atheistic diaspora who not deny others the right to their own spirituality but also have the combined weight of academia on their side.

Activist Media
As occultists it is worth remembering that the mainstream media, especially those portions of it hailing from the increasingly theocratic United States, has little interest in casting us as anything but the villain. This short essay explores that sad truth.

Activist Messiah
Of all those associated with conspiracy media by far the most divisive is David Icke. A man who seems content co-opting new age ideas for personal gain, the agenda he represents is anything but friendly to those in the magickal realm.

Activist Comparisons
It is highly unlikely that either Anton LaVey or James Randi would welcome the comparison made in this short essay. Yet the truth of an ultimately shared viewpoint goes far deeper than their opposing territory would at first appear.