Any of the various modern earth based spiritual systems. Adherence to this way of life does not automatically confer a belief in the reality of magick. As such not everyone involved could be considered a witch, though of course many are. My contributions to the Pagan diaspora have always carried a rebellious edge, and this can be seen in the following collection of previously published works.

Supernatural Lust
My most controversial article to date, certain groups within the Neopagan community did not react particularly well to being shown an accurately sexualised view of their gods. It saw print in the Lammas 2020 issue of Pagan Dawn Magazine.

Remembering David Farrant
A short obituary created for Pagan Dawn Magazine back at Lammas of 2019, it seeks to concisely describe the importance of David Farrant to the wider esoteric diaspora whilst also remaining respectful to those who will miss him the most.

Highgate Hindsight
While the modern Pagan community may realise that such beliefs were once taboo, many tend to overlook the story of Britain’s last true witchcraft trial. This is it, as retold in the Beltane 2018 edition of Pagan Dawn magazine.