Necromantic Laws
Necromancy as a discipline can be a slippery slope for those who lack a defined moral compass. This short list highlights the six rules every modern necromancer should live by to remain pure, based on my own personal code of ethics.

Necromantic Truths
The death current does not offer boundless power, and those who wield it rarely become as gods. This essay, while personal in tone, should also serve as a wake up call for the aspiring student of the afterlife.

Necromantic Culture
Historically, necromancers have never been seen as the good guys, nor does pop culture help to counter that distrust. As such, it is worth taking the time to reflect on the social perception of those who barter between the living and the dead.

Necromantic Outcast
There will always be a reason behind the move towards necromancy. My personal journey into the realms of the dead began in my childhood, when I realised that there was no shame in wearing the banner of outcast.

Necromantic Dreamworld
A series of very specific nightmares plagued my teens, forcing me to face the idea of mortality long before I became a practising magickian. While some authors may prefer to keep such psychological quirks under wraps, I have no such desire for obfuscation.

Necromantic Past
Though it is hard to recommend ghost hunting as a foolproof method for gaining a greater understanding of the death current, my personal journey into the necromantic arts did indeed involve fun and games in the dark, albeit not always in a good way.

Necromantic Shielding
As masters of life force in all its myriad forms, the necromancer is the undisputed king of auric techniques. But before they attempt to either harm or heal others, they must first master their own defences, and this short essay should help.

Necromantic Feeding
Shelf space in even the most corporate of chain bookshops will be given over to paperbacks highlighting psychic defence techniques. Yet less attention is paid to psychic vampirism, despite it being a viable self help strategy in times of crisis.

Necromantic Altruism
As masters of life force and energy manipulation, the necromancer can become an accomplished, if highly self reliant, healer. This short essay outlines the techniques available to the conduit of the death current in that sphere.

Necromantic Spite
While modern necromancy strives to remain positive, there comes a time in every magickians life when they run afoul of counterfeit Crowley’s or social injustice. The dead can help, of course, though there is always a price.