Glossary Of Terms

Fringe philosophy whereby Capitalism is allowed to freely create without governmental or social oversight. Despite media efforts to scapegoat this belief system recently it is not Alt-Right or Fascist in viewpoint, and of course neither am I.

Blood Magick
Ritual work revolving around the life force inherent in vital fluids. Sometimes incorrectly referred to as sanguinomancy, which is purely a form of divination. It is recommended that the magickian use their own blood, negating the need for animal sacrifice.

Chaos Magick
Free-form occultism that borrows the tools of numerous other systems. It tends to have a bad reputation due to the anarchic nature of those involved and their reliance on pop culture archetypes to get results.

All interrelated ideas describing and empowering a given concept. More a reflection of the memetic and cultural soup that aggregates around a topic than any form of occult energy to be drawn from like a node or wellspring.

Approaching supposedly demonic entities as patrons and not servants. While it relies on making pacts with certain spirits in a way similar to the tales of old these are usually far more beneficial to the magickian than legends would claim.

Bundles of interrelated sigils laid down around a single situation, often encompassing some narrative element. Fictional versions of real world locations and desired changes to the magickian’s personal situation can all be at play here.

Related to Accelerationism, any concept that brings about its own existence through manipulating the cultural aggregate to create a situation wherein it can successfully be born. A self generating meme or hypersigil created without human input.

Supposedly Adam’s original wife, and the first human to say no to a higher power. Some say that she is the mother of all demons, and mistress of the dual gendered Incubi Succubi, but in my personal experience her rebellious nature is the main reason to approach her. 

Any and all techniques whereby reality is bent to the will of the adept. This can include purely psychological tricks such as Neuro-linguistic Programming and The Law of Attraction, as well as more classical summoning circle and pact based occult methodologies as well.

Ideas shared through culture in a similar way to genes through a population. This spread is directly related to the social skills of the carrier, and the reclusive nature of many magickians makes dispersing occult concepts to the wider population doubly difficult.

Divination using the spirits of the dead. General interaction with these entities should more rightly be called Necrourgy or even Necrology, though those terms have seen little traction in the last few hundred years. Not to be mistaken for Nigromancy, or black magick.

Any of the various modern earth based spiritual systems. Adherence to this way of life does not automatically confer a belief in the reality of magick. As such not everyone involved could be considered a witch, though of course many are.

Personal view of reality developed through experience. In the context of chaos magick this may also mean a given mindset as related to an occult system and complete belief in that idea until results are gained. Paradigm shifting is the movement between these.

Paranormal Investigation
Ghost hunting, though in a supposedly scientific context. In reality many Spiritualistic and Christian ideas have infested this discipline in recent years, making any attempt at reasoned inquiry almost impossible.

Reality Tunnel
Alternative paradigm concept. Originally outlined by Timothy Leary and popularised by Robert Anton Wilson. The formation of a sole perspective through sensory stimulus, conditioning and deeply held belief. These can be switched between to gain perspective.

Nonsensical pictographic representation of a given goal or desire. These are then used to sink those ideas below the psychic censor which straddles the line between the conscious and subconscious mind of the individual while also sidestepping lust of result.

A digital offshoot of Neopaganism that was popular among early adopters of the internet. Asserting that modern technology has a valid part to play in the spiritual advancement of humanity, it gives a tinge of animism to the otherwise soulless machines we create.