Fortean Phenomena

Fortean Comparisons
It is well known in both magickal and literary circles that neither Grant Morrison nor Alan Moore will ever see eye to eye on anything. Yet as this short essay proves, their occult origin stories are oddly similar, perhaps even interrelated in some way.

Fortean Gateways
While not the first author to discuss the possibility of locations acting as window areas, John Keel is responsible for bringing the idea to a wider audience. Both his research and a trashy paperback novel got me thinking about what that means.

Fortean Summer
While many like it warm, I much prefer the cool embrace of Winter. For those with an interest in the paranormal there are numerous festivals around the world designed to help those sticky summer nights go with a bump, and these are just a few.

Fortean Anachronism
Ancient Aliens might be a compelling watch for some, but there are numerous issues with the scholarly aspects of the show. This short essay highlights a number of these anachronisms as well as those who propagate such snake oil for personal gain.

Fortean Bunk
Back when I was actively ghost hunting, the supposed Beast of Berkeley Square was my one that got away. None of the groups I was affiliated with ever got the chance to conduct a hunt for this spectral beast, though perhaps that was just as well.

Fortean Stagnation
The passing of Art Bell may have been ignored by many, especially as the radio show which he once championed had long been out of his hands. That said, it proved the catalyst for a highly worrying realisation about the state of the Fortean field.