Esoteric Acceleration

Accelerating Origins
As to be expected, the path to accelerationism is not a simple or painless one. This short essay recounts a heavily abridged version of my origin story, and through that a road map of sorts for those looking to follow me in dancing on the bleeding edge.

Accelerating Reflection
In seeking to accelerate the modern occult movement towards its inevitable ascendancy, I have been forced to apply the same academic rigour to my own magickal history. The only way is through, and much must be cut away to proceed.

Accelerating Insights
This essay offers a brief look at what evolution in a magickal context really means on an individual level, and what can be gained from attempting to move a historical set of tools into the modern era.

Accelerating Illusions
While live action roleplaying and cutting edge concepts such as accelerationism might seem strange bedfellows at first, anything which reminds the magickian that their hold over reality may be illusory is a positive and grounding influence not to be ignored.

Accelerating Language
By far the single biggest problem for those who wish to delve ever deeper into the history of accelerationism is the verbose and obfuscatory language used in its founding texts. Yet as this short essay shows, the same could be said of magick in general.

Accelerating Folklore
When viewed from a distance the life of the average magickian may seem depressingly  unremarkable. Yet with enough memetic force culture can be bent into new and interesting shapes, though not always for the better.

Accelerating Impossibilities
More than any other discipline, what we do as magickians should be impossible in a modern context. Yet the results speak for themselves, and as this essay highlights the opinions of those who would claim to know better than us is worthless at best.