Approaching supposedly demonic entities as patrons and not servants. While it relies on making pacts with certain spirits in a way similar to the tales of old these are usually far more beneficial to the magickian than legends would claim. That said, few of these beings will suffer fools gladly, so any communication is undertaken at your own risk.

Approaching Lilith
The second article I produced for Spiral Nature in September 2018, it is designed to give practical ideas for how to contact that darkest of goddesses. This is the original uncut text as submitted to the publisher and as such may not be safe to read at work.

Understanding Lilith
This article was the first of a two part set produced for Spiral Nature in September 2018 detailing the true nature of everyone’s favourite extra Biblical bad girl. Both were heavily edited to fit the tone of the site, though this is the original, uncut text.

Rebellious Kisses
An introspective on my ongoing relationship with the dark goddess Lilith, focusing especially upon her more adversarial and defiant aspects. It initially saw print in the winter 2016 edition of Pagan Dawn magazine.