Chaos Magick

Chaotic Neutral
Despite it’s promise of a personal interface with the void even chaos magick struggles with elitism and the presence of self appointed gatekeepers. This short essay highlights the need to ignore those spurious voices and forge ahead on your own path.

Chaotic Rebound
An exploration of the inevitable enui that will infect even the most focused of chaos magickians, especially when the realisation dawns that the many and varied systems of sorcery all inevitably lead back to the same conceptual source.

Chaotic Solipsism
Nothing is true, as they say. Yet exactly what does the idea of an underlying truth mean in the context of modern magick, and how do we proceed effectively in a realm where there may not actually be one at all?

Chaotic Icons
For as long as man has dreamed he has also created his own gods. Using pop culture icons such as Cthulhu to generate results is nothing new, though perhaps the reasoning described here could be seen as a novel take on the topic.

Chaotic Planeswalker
That I should have in interest in Magic the Gathering is no surprise, and indeed I have toiled long and hard at the tables of far better players in an effort to improve my decks. But as this short essay shows, even a game holds much for ingenious adept.

Chaotic Creation
While my personal take on servitor creation borrows heavily from the more Technopagan aspects of my magickal past, there are still many interesting insights that can be gleaned from watching my icy hearted assassin at work.

Chaotic Howling
The concept of the black dog standing over the magickian’s shoulder can prove to be far more than just a metaphor for depression and anxiety. If treated like a servitor in all but name it can instead be a useful tool for psychic attack and defence.

Chaotic Youth
I am proud to acknowledge that my ersatz style of sorcery has its roots in the bulletin board and blog culture of the early Twenty First Century. Often derided by our fellow magickians, we internet kids are the true embodiment of the chaos current.

Chaotic Sigils
Not everyone associated with the magickal arts is lucky enough to be a master artist. My scatter sigil technique is a mechanical process that delivers randomised images without the requirement to fall back on planetary squares as a base.

Chaotic Hollows
Stoicism reminds us that a situation should flow through you as opposed to filling your consciousness with potentially negative associations. This essay builds upon this idea to highlight the importance of remaining hollow when paradigm shifting.

Chaotic Currency
Aside from the rise of self appointed gatekeepers and elitism in the wider chaos current, the new millennium has also witnessed the unwelcome emergence of plastic chaotes. A critique of their secrets for sale business model can be found in this essay.

Chaotic Rebirth
The chaos current has stagnated. The old guard have proved as entrenched here has they have in more hidebound occult orders, but our future lies with numerous groups who would likely disavow the title of chaote wholesale.