Chaos Magick

Free-form occultism that borrows the tools of numerous other systems. It tends to have a bad reputation due to the anarchic nature of those involved and their reliance on pop culture to get results. This was the first port of call on my journey into the weird, and as you will see in the published works below I still hold this school of sorcery in the highest regard.

Esoteric Accelerationist Manifesto
My third article for Five of Swords Magazine resulted from witnessing many years of both stagnation and cannibalisation within the Occult and Neopagan spheres. Appearing in the January 2020 issue, it offers a way to evolve for those who seek it.

The Subtle Sigil
My second article to feature in Five of Swords Magazine is an exploration of the procedural dogma that plagues sigil creation in the post chaos era. It saw publication in the October 2019 issue and was showcased alongside some other cutting edge work.

A Current Meme
Five of Swords Magazine is a passion project published by a small group of very creative magickians, offered free in PDF format via social media. This article on dual concepts of memetics and currents was included in their July 2019 issue.