About The Author

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Gavin Fox is a freelance occult author and pop culture magickian originally from the East End of London. As suits someone who grew up in that most storied of cities he has a diverse range of unusual interests, including memetics, necromancy, Accelerationism, demonolatry and urban legends. Identifying as a Technopagan, he prefers to treat the universe as a digital construct and the forces within it as programs that can be hacked to manifest a desired result. His articles have seen print in limited run journals, Neopagan magazines and online.

All of the previously published work featured at The Vulpine Portfolio represents the original copy as submitted to the editor, and as such may contain subtle differences compared to the final product as seen elsewhere. This is done to preserve the rich vein of gallows humour which tends to shine through his otherwise informed approach. Gavin is open to offers of inclusion in occult and esoteric publications, as well as commission work in a similar vein. Rates for the latter are negotiable, and he can be contacted via his Facebook Author page to discuss possible projects in more detail.

Print Magazines
“Supernatural Lust,” Pagan Dawn No 216, Lammas 2020.
“Remembering David Farrant,” Pagan Dawn No 212, Lammas 2019.
“Pagan Spirits,” Pagan Dawn No 209, Samhain 2018.
“Highgate Hindsight,” Pagan Dawn No 207, Beltane 2018.
“Rebellious Kisses,” Pagan Dawn No 201, Winter 2016.

Digital Magazines
“Esoteric Accelerationist Manifesto,” Five Of Swords Esoteric Magazine, Issue 03, 2020.
“The Subtle Sigil,” Five Of Swords Esoteric Magazine, Issue 02, 2019
“A Current Meme,” Five Of Swords Esoteric Magazine, Issue 01, 2019.

“Treasures Of The Grave,” Conjure Codex Volume 04, Hadean Press, 2020.
“Cities Of Life And Death,” Conjure Codex Volume 02, Hadean Press, 2013.

“Understanding Lilith,” Spiral Nature, September 2018.
“Approaching Lilith,” Spiral Nature, September 2018.
“Fear The
Reaper,” Nexus Newsfeed, July 2017.

Conference Appearances
“The Highgate Vampire Symposium,” Resident Necromancer, 2015.