Cloaked In Shadows

Sadly, no magickian is an island, nor chaote a small principality. As such there will be occasions when you come up against something or someone who, quite frankly, you would be better off avoiding. With that in mind I thought it might prove useful in light of the current social climate to go back to basics and provide a short article detailing the ways in which an occultist could turn their own energy field towards psychic self defence.

This will hopefully nip such encounters in the bud, though if the offender proves to be persistent then other courses of action are always available to the resourceful student of the weird. Such energetic techniques work doubly well for those of the necromantic persuasion, as our admittedly morbid pastime ties us instinctively to the concept of life force in a far more pragmatic way that your average ceremonial or elemental magickian.

As someone who is naturally empathic I find that the ability to harden my aura to outside emotional stimuli, and therefore block negative emotions from entering my personal space, particularly useful. It also serves to make me a far less attractive meal for any wondering spirits that are looking to feed on the poorly prepared without the need for talismans, trinkets or defensive thought-forms.

The most talked about, and indeed passive, auric defence is the mirror shield. The practitioner imagines their bioelectric field as a reflective surface, something akin to a second skin of liquid metal that reflects the negativity back at those dishing it out. While admittedly effective, it is too reliant on the other people involved actually getting the message to leave you alone for my liking.

Less well known its secondary application as a glamour spell of sorts. This is especially useful outside of conflict related situations, and it is in these less defensively focused moments that I tend to fall back on this technique the most. The ability to replicate the underlying characteristics of an assembled group, be it in an important interview or a quickly brewing riot, can easily tip events in your favour. If you then boast a silver enough tongue to profit from the event, then all the better.

More aggressively, a target can easily be rebuffed by a quick burst of negative emotion channelled first into your aura and then outward towards them through the astral, a technique that many accomplished empaths seem to fall back on almost instinctively when disagreeing with others. The only limitations laid upon this form of defence are the close proximity to the target that it requires and the emotional strain involved in producing multiple bursts should the argument continue for a prolonged period.

This is one of the reasons why empaths become easily drained during times of personal conflict, and our enemies complain about cold chills or sharp pressure headaches when verbal push comes to energetic shove. As an aside, it is a very bad idea to argue with a necromancer while they are standing in a graveyard. It is all too easy to shunt the forces of decay into your aura and fling handfuls like crap in a catapult when surrounded by the death current in such abundance.

This never proves deadly, true, but all does add nicely to the necromancer’s assumed air of miasmic horror. This can be further built upon to create something of a necrotic glamour when you really would prefer to be left alone to conduct your business in peace, and channelling a constant flow around your bioelectric field does wonders for your ability to blend in with the other dead things hanging about too.

Another method for raising your personal shield is to simply boost the energy flowing around it through physical exercise. This has the effect of bolstering your own bioelectric signature to such a degree that the far weaker external sources cannot pierce it. A quick burst of mildly strenuous activity is enough to increase blood flow, and release copious amounts of adrenalin. Both of these, coupled with the rise in body temperature, will help to energise your aura.

Be aware, however, that stepping yourself up a gear or two in this way also makes you shine like a lantern in the moonlight, and such showboating should be avoided when you wish to keep a low profile. Dance and movement have long had an association with ritual, and many systems draw a direct correlation between losing yourself to the shaman’s drumbeat and achieving the desired state of no mind to get the job done.

Defensive measures are no different, though it is recommended that you keep your wits about you if possible, and focus on the task at hand as opposed to the decadence of mystical thought. Sometimes it is not enough to just roll with the incoming punches, and a more active defensive posture is required to walk away from the encounter in one piece. If you prefer razor sharp black tentacles as opposed to a cocoon of white light then so be it. Either way, concentration is key here.

And there we have it, gravehounds. This far from an exhaustive list, but hopefully I have shared enough here to help my fellow magickians keep an even keel in even the most stormy of waters. There is no right and wrong answer when it comes to psychic defence techniques. Just like any other aspect of occult bodywork, it is a purely personal consideration. You are augmenting your physicality with pure mind stuff after all, and the sculpting potential of this not quite material is as endless as your imagination.