Sour Old Fox

Long term followers of The Vulpine Portfolio will have noticed the lengthening shadows weaving their way through my output since reinstating the Vulpine Voice section late last year. Honestly, as I grow older I find myself tired and disillusioned with both the wider occult community and magick in general. I say this not to seek pity, or even to solicit aid from my peers. I am travelling through a personal Abyss, and no one but me can decide what circuitous path ultimately leads back to the warming light of day.

Some happily live by the clockwork motion of mainstream scientific laws that tick away quietly in the background of our post nuclear reality, following self important luminaries such as Brian Cox like prophets of a new and greater religion. They worship at the altars of academia, denying anything that would blow this ultimately reductionist worldview to cogs and gears before their very eyes.

The old saying that for a new idea to be accepted those who support its predecessor have to die off is as true in the modern era as it was back when computers were the size of camper vans. If ignorance is a prison then assumed knowledge is a padded cell. Neither appeal to me, as I am smart enough to realise that belief leads to dogma, and all dogs belong on leads.

Others fly in the face of the accepted, weaving conspiracy upon falsehood in such a way that even the storyteller himself can no longer work out which way is up. False flags and Reptilian DNA, black budgets and CIA funded regime change, David Icke’s psychotic delusions and Alex Jones’ cash cow all rolled into one.

The politics of the disenfranchised and disillusioned are big business for those unscrupulous enough to take up the mantle of crusader in their name. I have never sought such a mark of Cain, nor do I wish to be the poster child for occult resistance in the first flowerings of esoteric freedom after the ever divisive age of Trump. That is not the hill this tired old fox is willing to die on anymore.

And then we have my fellow magickians, a delusional subset of which would rather pay to play within mock masonic grades than do the work to achieve ascension themselves. How readily these pseudo sorcerers replicate rituals committed to paper by some of the most infamous con artists in history, propagating an imposture that stretches back the the earliest days of our movement. Yes ‘Bishop’ David Griffin, I’m looking at you.

Buying the rights to the name of a long dead occult organisation does not create a conduit to some grand secret any more than membership of the Illuminati will bestow upon the supplicant the ability to predict world events ahead of time. If your output is not strong enough to stand on its own merits then step aside to let younger, more authentic voices through. And of course while there is recognition in claiming some aeon dead lineage, such blatant imposture is not my style.

Looking at legendary figures such as Crowley or Gardener the realisation dawns that we were never standing on the shoulders of giants to begin with. While a few terms do seem to keep coming up, some concepts repeated in wildly disparate texts, much of the core of Western magickal thinking is built upon a foundation of dishonesty.

Eastern occultism fares little better, with numerous reports of fake Swamis committing heinous crimes barely acknowledged in the English speaking world. Our wider esoteric family tree has many a criminal branch that needs pruning, and it is a problem that goes way beyond geographical boundaries too.

Ultimately I do not question the validity of Magick, even while railing against both the beliefs of others who utilise it and their closed conceptual boundaries when doing so. I see no problem in joining groups for the sake of speedier development. But when it becomes about veneration as opposed to empowerment you might as well steal your stepmother’s rosaries and go to Sunday mass.

If that is your choice, then so be it. I will not challenge you to prove its efficacy, and you can happily carry on doing what you do. Chaos is a forest of many paths, after all. But if it is not what you originally had in mind when you first started exploring the weird all those years ago then you have only your own lost time and failed godhood to answer to.

With both Fascism and homophobia on the rise in many Pagan paths, not to mention accusations of the same repeatedly levelled at chaotes by hack journalists with their own axes to grind, I am watching magick become just as dogmatic, elitist and unwelcoming to already marginalised groups as the religions which many of our leading lights grew up in.

While closing ranks in response to the social pressure placed upon us by the ultranationalists creeping into positions of power all over the globe is understandable, I am aghast at how the response seems to have been to mimic this hatred among our own kind. Perhaps I am just an idealist, but either way I grow so very weary of this shit.