Expendable Assets

Morality in occultism tends to be a touchy area. Believing that magick is neither black nor white I have never held much truck with the concepts of Karma or three fold return, nor will I undertake penance for actions that others might consider to be negative either. Instead I live by my own immoral code, trying to harm no undeserving entity either living or dead unless their destruction would better aid my own survival.

With that in mind, the following handful of interrelated ritualistic concepts might raise a few indignant eyebrows, relying as they do upon the sacrificing of supposedly innocent bystanders for personal protection. You see, it can be safely assumed that the average magickian, be they left or right hand in their appointed path, will encounter resistance from others who find their methodology and goals to be questionable. One wrong word, or a heated discussion over Facebook, and the hexes begin to fly like Cold War nuclear confetti.

But the longer lived occultist has learned from bitter experience never to fight fair, and as such anything that can be done to throw their opponents targeting awry becomes a viable strategy for survival. And as much as it pains me to say it, while they are viewed as of little general use in our overtly capitalist society, the homeless make surprisingly good bait. An apparently kind act in this regard, such as giving them some of your old clothes, clean but recently worn and unwashed since, can provide a much needed respite while under supposed psychic attack.

A number of such handoffs can be made, miles apart, each individual gift adding to the static and making your scent all the harder for any tracking memetic entities to pin down. It is worth remembering that the idea of passing the clothes on to the decoy face to face as opposed to donating them to a mainstream charity instead is key to this procedure. The newly created body doubles need to be both living and mobile for the trick to work, and your scent relatively fresh on them too.

This would obviously not be the case should your clothes end up newly laundered and sitting on a pile in a warehouse awaiting shipment to the Third World. A less obvious extension of this idea involves sleeping around while under what you perceive to be a potential hex, with as many partners as possible in as short a period as you can arrange.

This can also help if you are living under the cloud of oppression left behind by a particularly visceral series of magickal workings, though the fallout from such a spree may well be more dire than anything your enemies could cook up for you. Life will always be the most widespread sexually transmitted disease after all, and the wise occultist never puts anything inside another person’s ritual circle without ample protection.

Or perhaps you were smart enough not to anger a counterfeit Crowley, and all you need to do is offload some general day to day negativity. If that is the case then a simple sigil, designed to encapsulate your desire for balance, can be scrawled on a currency note indigenous to your country and charged with the frustration you are feeling as the situation unfolds.

Then all it takes is a trip to the store, or at a push yet another act of supposed good will involving the homeless, and whoever takes the payment will be on the receiving end of a very bad day in your place. Nasty, but effective. This also works in an emergency to a lesser extent, and a pulse of negativity that the caster feels descending around them can be shunted into a coin and spent or given away with very little preparation required at all, though it should only ever be considered a quick fix.

As with all these techniques, a more in depth ritualistic exploration into the wider aspects of the situation must be undertaken as soon as inhumanly possible. The tarot is good for this, as are the runes and whatever scrying methodology is preferred by the magickian themselves. In the majority of cases, you will find that it was nothing after all but there is no harm in checking for yourself.

As an intriguing aside, it can be also seen from the application of these techniques to what extent the occult overlaps with the core tenets of the urban survival movement and how, with a little forethought and a healthy dose of self confidence, magick is able to become a viable tool in our arsenal of self reliance. Any opportunity to apply tactical thinking to your spiritual path is enriching, and fosters closer ties between your mundane and spiritual lives.

Even if your efforts to pass on this seething bundle of negativity yield no significant results, the psychological effects of striving to take control of an otherwise hopeless situation can only be positive. If nothing else they may well be the catalyst that allows you to lift yourself out of the hole you have fallen into. And if there was really something chasing you down, then the effort will be doubly worthwhile.