Social Media Update

As longer term fans of my work here at The Vulpine Portfolio will no doubt have noticed, this site has gone through a massive change of late. More than just a shift in art style or the addition of a far more focused menu system, the wholesale removal of my shorter blog style essays will likely have raised the most questions. I can assure you, this is all part of a far greater plan, one that goes far beyond simple hypersigils and memetic spell work.

As the site title suggests, at its outset this blogspace was only ever supposed to form a portfolio of work to show to potential publishers when looking for writing projects in the occult, paranormal, pagan and mystical spheres. That is now happening, and as I see more of my work in print, both on paper and digitally, it is increasingly serving as a free storehouse of my professional work to date too. This site can finally serve its original purpose, albeit a few years later than I had hoped.

So this is a small entry just to update everyone who has been following me as to what I am currently doing, and where to find me now that I no longer post short blogs every Friday night. My author’s page on Facebook is by far the best way to keep up to date with my future projects, as well as discussing interesting occult and fortean news articles and the like. It would be good to see some of you guys who have been with me on this at times difficult journey make the jump to following me over there too.