Yule Survive

Christmas is a lonely time in the lives of many within our consumer lead culture. In a season where the media tells us that those who are not surrounded by robotically smiling family members are in some way broken, those minds of those who yearn for companionship may turn to considerably darker things. Despite many Neopagans and Witches choosing to celebrate Yule around this time, or indeed opt out of as much of the season as possible while remaining engaged with friends and family who take part, the social stigma still stands. Perhaps it is even worse, leading to an alienation that can turn even the warmest heart to ice.

This is especially true when you are alone, as I was for many, many years. While most occultists like to play the hermit we still have the same drives as lesser animals, and sex will always remain a fundamental motivator in our lives. Along with money and vengeance, ritualistic endeavours revolving around feeding this most basic of biological imperatives number among the most common forms of spellcraft practised today. Entire magickal systems have grown up around the concept of mythologising the orgasm, not least the various forms of tantra which bled their way into the western mystery tradition through the writings of Aleister Crowley and others.

There is a reason why the ideas of masturbation is held to be taboo within the manstream religions of the world. Both male and female climaxes hold great power. Yet intriguingly, it is from this retardation of the human drive for self pleasure the idea of spectrophilia was born. Indeed, engaging in sex with spirits is as old a concept as mankind itself. Mythological men such as Merlin and, in some unsupported Biblical commentaries, even Cain were numbered among a vast number of great people conceived with extradimensional baby gravy. Heracles, Theseus and Perseus came into being this way, as did Romulus and Remus.

It seems that the gods and devils of classical mythology had a real problem keeping it in their pants, and that most of our heroes were their bastard offspring in one way or another. Stan Gooch, an unsung hero of the parapsychological field who was unjustly ostracised and vilified for his alternative beliefs by the unyielding weight of modern academia, spent much of his later life researching the weirder side of the paranormal realm. The Origins Of Psychic Phenomena, republished in 2007, details his own experiences with what he considered to be a succubus as well as well as those of numerous other people who have had similar encounters between the sheets.

For the desperately lonely magickian going down the demonological route through astral summoning and lucid dreaming is indeed an option, and yes it works. Yet consorting with such extradimensional entities is fraught with its own dangers and should not be undertaken lightly. Considering the effort required to actually get one of those damnable etheric parasites to waggle their ass in your face, a real world one night stand is far easier to arrange. Take it from someone who was once a devotee of the queen of the succubi, and paid the price dearly for his hubris when she was in a spiteful mood, the powers of the unreal world are not your virtual playthings.

Of course, even the oldest of grimoires usually include at least a couple of chapters designed around spelling yourself to sexual excess, no questions asked or refunds given if you cannot get it up. On a more prosaic level, self help books aplenty strive to keep the growing tide of incels at bay by actually equipping them with the tools to get laid. Yet these texts all share one fundamental flaw, as they all rely on the ability of the person in question to actually go out and play the field, therefore proving of little use to those who find the dating scene an uncomfortable mess. Add to this the social pressures that arise around the end of the year, and it becomes a recipe for disaster.

Many occultists could be considered socially awkward, even reclusive by nature, strangers in a strange land with little hope of finding another member of their tribe who is willing to roll in the aether with them on a regular basis. Ostracised and alone, they build walls around themselves either real or imagined. But take the advice of someone who has been there. While you can summon a playmate to keep the cold winter nights at bay, there is more mileage in fighting for the attention of your fellow human beings. So go out and socialise this Yule. Find a Neopagan moot and grab a beer with a couple of those attending afterwards. Shine your light out into the world, because there is already far too much darkness.

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