Necromantic Lust

Those who have gained any sort of insight into the deeper workings of the necromantic current will quickly realise that it is more about manipulating life force in all its forms than digging up the dead. They understand that any effort intentionally expended towards a given goal becomes an intrinsically magickal act wherein the practitioner is trading slivers of their very essence for results. This need not be seen as detrimental to the sorcerer, as in truth every action takes a measured amount of these internal reserves to complete. Breathing, sleeping, even crossing the street all require the expenditure of energy, as does reading this very blog.

Necromancers are also often accused of engaging in spectrophilia, the act of having sexual relations with spirits, though in truth there is little to support the idea that the blighted few who walk that cemetary path are more susceptible to the attentions of those long dead etheric parasites than the wider public. That said, while it is very difficult to summon a shade to spend the night with the magickian at will, there are other things that the directed manipulation of life force can accomplish in that regard. This is where both tulpa creation and energy manipulation merge, and their offspring becomes something far more than either skill set could dream of.

The operation to form your very own sexual tulpa is very simple to describe, but difficult to eventually master. The first order of business is to decide upon the sort of girl or guy that you wish to visualise into being. Imagination is the only thing holding you back here. For those with pop culture interests famous stars and starlets can be retooled to your liking, while others who profess some deep connection with a chosen god or goddess can envision them as potential lovers to allow self initiation into their deeper mysteries. Abstract tastes can even be served by invoking characters from fictional universes, superheroes, supervillains and cartoon characters included.

Once you have decided upon the final object of your carnal desires, or just cobbled together a gestalt creation from the best bits of various porn stars, supermodels and that hot girl who jogs past you on the way to work every morning, it is time to empower your tulpa. No, the usual fire and forget sigilisation method used by every chaote with a copy of Liber Null will not be enough here. In fact, numerous layers of masturbatory ritual are required, repetition being key to the formation of their ersatz personality. It is not unnatural for it to take many weeks of concentration to get viable results, nor for the entire process to fail as unwanted ideas begin to infect the memetic cloud that you are slowly bringing to life.

Staying focused on the goal is key here. Images work at this stage, photos and stories, fanfiction if you can’t draw and sexually explicit fanart of you can, something to get your senses deeply invested in while bringing yourself to climax. Scents can help too, as can recordings of their voices or film and television appearances set to a continual loop. After a while, said Images will become less and less instrumental to the process, as they slide their way guiltily into your deep mind and empower the life force you have been building around the tulpa just enough to let it take control over the whole experience. At this point the masturbatory process itself becomes distinctly hands off.

You should be able to feel your creation either surrounding your genitals or penetrating you, depending upon your preference. Again, it can take many weeks to get to this stage and even when it happens you will find yourself losing concentration the first couple of times you succeed. This is normal, as the inevitable wave of pride felt when the process works dilutes the state of mind required for your astral Bride of Frankenstein to function in the real world. Even if you do not, you might find that climax is impossible until you gain a greater mastery of the technique.

This is normal, and much like sex with a living partner attaining greater pleasure will become less of an issue with practice. You see while there are many toys out there designed to get your rocks off with little or no effort, both the focus and control of life force needed to create and maintain your sexual tulpa is in itself an additional benefit which is often overlooked once the clean up begins. We are all extensions of our own will, rebels heavily entrenched in a reality that continues to dominate the memetic battlefield around us. And what better way to train your mind for that war is there than to have some decidedly elicit fun along the way?

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