Necromantic Spite

As in tales of old necromancers often find themselves instinctively drawn to the the shadows that gather in the unclean and forgotten places at the fringes of the firelight. Should they require aid in righting a wrong, whether true or just perceived, those who seek hard enough will readily find many discarnate beings offering to aid them in such a task. And just like any mercenary force the services of such shades can be bought, if the magickian is willing to pay the price. A word of caution, however. While I am not in the habit of underscoring my work here at The Vulpine Portfolio with melodramatic warnings against overreaching when handling even the deadliest of occult currents, I am going to stop and do so here.

It should be recognised that historically many a soldier for hire has turned on their employer through either disenchantment or the promise of a better offer from the other side, so the possibility of betrayal must be entertained at all times when working with the shades of the dead. The golden rule in all magick is one of balance: never utilise a force greater than that which you can repel. The creation of thought forms designed to deliberately monitor those in your employ is one method of making sure the deal is honoured, while less scrupulous necromants could also create sigils to bind these spirits towards a given task. Such etheric slavery is not sporting, however.

So, to business. While it is generally accepted that the deceased do not hang around in Ivy choked cemeteries en masse, a few of the more confused among them do indeed seem to do just that. Those unquiet dead are easily angered when disturbed by the heavy hand of a vandal or the untrained toilet habits of the local drunk. Little better than animals, such base and feral shades are open to manipulation by a wily necromant, and with that purpose in mind every practitioner should keep at least one heavily desecrated burial site on their magickal radar for future reference.

As for the actual hexing methodology, it is as simple as finding a quiet part of the graveyard and making contact with the shades in whichever way is the most appropriate. Once convinced that the person responsible for the less than pretty condition of their resting place is the object of your personal vendetta, they will seek them out to redress the balance. A further variation on the above trick is arguably even easier to perform but in no way guaranteed to succeed, and involves nothing more than writing the name of your chosen victim on a piece of paper and stuffing it into the cracks of the more energetically active graves and tombs. Sloppy perhaps, but such blanket tactics do generate results.

A more advanced method of sending the deceased to do death’s work on your behalf involves making low grade blood pacts with them. Now I know what you are thinking, if your blood is offered then the shades will come after you and not your target when the time comes, correct? Usually yes, and I am the first to warn others about making deals with the discarnate unless they know exactly what they are doing. But if you are seeking vengeance and are crazy enough to try anything, go to a place where the unquiet dead walk, and make contact with them.

Once this is established, offer some blood, enough to get them interested but no more. State that you are the vassal of the object of your vengeance and it was that person who sent you to recruit the shades. Say forcefully that it is not your place to offer more blood or energy, but that your master is willing to pay more of their own. Then simply instruct them where to find this free meal. Finally, Put some distance between you and both that graveyard and your enemy for as long as you can, perhaps even striking this particular cemetery from your list to lessen the chance of reprisals should the nature of your deceit come to light.

For those who feel bad about tricking the dead, or worry about the consequences, then such a pact could be signed honestly. In this situation both the necromancer and any shades remain fully aware that the target is an unwilling energetic donor, a true victim in every sense of the word. It may even be possible to permanently recruit or at least build up a long-term working relationship with a group of spirits who are willing to do such dirty deeds for you on multiple occasions through such transparency. That said, caution should be undertaken not to over feed such parasitic mercenaries and risk rebellion once they become too strong to control.

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