Necromantic Altruism

This article is designed to share some of the hard won knowledge that I have gained while working within the necromantic paradigm. Though more experienced magickians could conceivably skim read this essay for ideas, it is recommended that at least some time is spent browsing the rest of The Vulpine Portfolio for background information regarding the subject first. Articles such as Necromantic Laws, Necromantic Truths and Necromantic Feeding will likely prove the most useful. This later entry outlined the benefits of auric vampirism through absorption, as well as the core abilities required to make the advanced concepts described below work.

Projection, the art of healing others, forms a true cornerstone of the necromantic paradigm. An inversion of the aforementioned absorption technique it allows the magickian to utilise their own bioelectric field to overlap and envelop that of the target, identifying and reinforcing the areas damaged by injury or disease. This is not a cure however, and will not remove the underlying medical condition no matter how skilled the practitioner becomes. It is best viewed as a tailor made etheric bandage, a transference of healthy energy to fill the void caused by more physical problems.

Unfortunately it can only ever provide short term relief for longer term issues, as the aura will soon begin to fall into entropy again unless professional medical treatment is sought and a cure gained. Be under no illusions, chronic or terminal conditions will require regular applications to keep the patient ticking away, though it is desirable that the necromant either rest between castings to regain their own strength or take time to siphon off the energy of others. A much more desperate and hazardous version of this technique can be utilised in particularly dire circumstances, though it is not recommend unless almost all other options have already been exhausted.

The necromancer can seek to bond their aura with that of their target, becoming a bio-electric battery attuned to his or her needs. Constantly feeding the sick person life force in this way they will allow them to regain some of their original vitality, though never enough to effect a cure. Extremely draining and dangerous, the necromant must accept that they may never recover fully from the strain that this puts upon their physical and spiritual reserves, especially if they also have a demanding day job or family life to deal with as well. The process is the same as that noted above, but requires a stronger personal bond and far more willpower. This is especially true as the magickian themselves begin to sicken in sympathy and must constantly fight their own survival instincts to maintain the link.

Either way any connections, ritualistic or otherwise, must be severed before the patient crosses the veil. If this is not done successfully they may stay open indefinitely and irreversibly scar the magickian’s bio-electric field. Yet for the desperate or foolhardy, there is one final form of healing that is almost always guaranteed to cause permanent damage should it be attempted. This involves pacts that can be made with entities who hold domain over the gateways to the underworld. Utilised when seeking prolong the life of a loved one, or alternatively to ease their passage from this world as painlessly as possible, the process begins with an initial offering of the necromant’s own blood sigilised on either paper or parchment.

The request for an audience made, the magickian will go on to barter a chunk of their own life energy for an intervention in the affair at hand. Once that is done, the ritual is closed by burning the offering and then scattering the ashes. This energy is never returned, and as such pacts should only ever be undertaken for those close to the sorcerer. Also, while lesser pacts made with the dead themselves might seem attractive, they are best avoided. Shades can indeed be bound to a person to help them make through the day, adding a portion of their vital essence to that of the target and keeping them ticking for a little while longer.

Unfortunately, as with any form of outsourcing, this is rarely as effective as maintaining the link yourself. While it is not difficult to find spirits that are willing to work for a meal, they are far less likely to bother upholding their end of the bargain for a second longer than they have to. Worse, they may become a problem in their own right. There is always the danger of the necromancer leading those aforementioned astral leeches directly to an already damaged aura, and while this is a viable form of magickal assault it is obviously not a positive action to instigate against someone you are supposed to care about.