Necromantic Feeding

Healing within the necromantic paradigm might be best thought of as falling into three broad categories: absorption, projection and pacts, with only the last of these in any way relying upon external entities of various kinds. While this particular article only concentrates on the first category, all of the ideas discussed will demand a certain level of expertise from the necromant to gain any noticeable results. As such it is highly recommended that work in this area is tailored to the individual strengths and ritualistic interests of the Magickian. In style these concepts border on psionics, but with energetic techniques similar to those learned through Reiki as well.

Aside from the insights acquired by the necromant elsewhere in their studies, two basic skills are required for success in this area. A developed sense of the makeup of the magickian’s own body, including the ability to exclusively concentrate on a small patch of skin and shut out all other stimuli from elsewhere, as well as a better than average grasp of moving bio-electric energy around both internally and externally. The first is by far the hardest of the two to learn, but will come with nothing more than prolonged practice. After a while it becomes easy, and while the necromancer might have to look at the area being scanned in this way at first they will soon be able to do so without even needing to open their eyes.

When coupled with the second ability it will allow them to also read the status of others through expanding their auric field, and that is when things get really interesting. Absorption is the simplest form of necromantic healing, and the one best suited to situations where the magickian needs to self medicate. Relating to the wider discipline of psychic vampirism, it is achieved through a simple visualisation exercise. When walking through a large crowd of people the necromant either extends tendrils from his bio-electric field or in some other way enlarges its surface area to cause others to pass through it.

While this is taking place they attempt to see themselves as a vacuum from which no energy can escape – a black hole of swirling hunger with a single, voracious purpose. Each little bite will have no long term effect on the victim, true, but the total amount of energy that can be siphoned off in this way is surprising. Nightclubs or busy train stations are perfect venues for such assaults. Once an occultist is comfortable feeding in this way it becomes noticeably easier to do and some who follow the older, less positive necromantic path can also learn to recharge their bio-electric batteries with the essences of spirits themselves.

Taken to its extreme this can be used as a form of folk exorcism, though it is not easy to keep the restless dead in place long enough to take anything more than a small snippet of energy at a time. The one exception to this involves those shades which have become merged with the auric field of a still living victim. Historically considered to have been reduced in death to animalistic expressions of whatever concept most occupied them in life they are said to seek out those who share that obsession, becoming spectral parasites living vicariously through the experiences of their hosts. While abstinence might be the best method for removing these entities in the long term, a skilled necromant can also help them on their way.

Consuming the essence of such a negative astral leech is not generally considered to be a disrespectful act towards the dead. That said most followers of the necromantic path would never seek to deliberately harm spirits without extreme provocation, and as such prefer passive feeding. Though a less instantly gratifying form of absorption by far, it has one main benefit over chasing shades around the graveyard with a knife and fork. The magickian can simply sit on a bench in a cemetery with a sandwich and soak up as much energy as they require without drawing the slightest attention from the uninitiated in the process.

Necromancy has never been a socially acceptable pastime, nor do even the earliest voices from human history have much good to say about those who practice it. This is due in most part to ignorant fears held by the majority about the concept of death, though a certain amount of primal revulsion to the noxious remains of the recently deceased and the safe handling thereof is understandable. Few care that the modern necromant has little interest in digging up dead bodies to harvest their finger bones for ritual. Regardless, any action which could give away your actual reasons for stalking purposefully within those old cemetery walls should be avoided with utmost the care. 

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