Approaching Lilith

The following article is the second of a two part series I penned on the dark goddess Lilith for Spiral Nature, seen by many as the premiere outlet for occulture in the digital age, which went live in September 2018. Approaching Lilith was presented for subscribers only, while the much more general prequel Understanding Lilith was free to view. Both were heavily edited to better fit the tone of the site, though the versions I am sharing here at The Vulpine Portfolio will be the original, uncut texts. While I no longer work with the mother of the succubi there is no denying the deep respect I still hold for this most capricious and primal of entities. In many ways the bonds we forge with our gods and goddesses are similar to that of lovers, if not deeper still.

Approaching Lilith
The Boon Of The Dark Goddess
By Gavin Fox

As mentioned in my previous article, Understanding Lilith, there is much to consider before attempting to form a relationship with the queen of the succubi. While not as overtly negative as certain pious voices would have you believe, hers is still a deeply chaotic and unruly force to allow into your life. She will not be tamed, not by man nor woman, and demands the respect due to an entity older than recorded history. The following text is designed to outline my own path to reach out and grasp, albeit fleetingly, at her dark divinity. As is to be expected when approaching a goddess of sex and blood, said methodology is both explicit and not for those who have underlying issues which might be exasperated by embarking upon such a body of work. This is the magick of obsession, after all, and once you are bitten there is no way back.

Those who seek to make contact with Lilith will inevitably encounter one of her many children first. Psychic parasites, albeit beguiling ones, becoming too comfortable in their embrace inevitably leads to lethargy and a noticeable lack of spirit. Whether the incubi and succubi are a vanguard, seeking out potential supplicants for future testing, or just an inevitable by product of this goddess’s existence occupying the same space as she does is hard to say. What is true, however, is the folkloric view that these entities will feed upon the unwary magician without conscience and leave little better than an empty husk behind if given half the chance. They are a stepping stone on the path to their mother’s love, nothing more, and that must be kept in mind for anything positive to come from allowing them to enter into your life.

By far the easiest method to invite one of these dark emissaries is through dream sorcery. Requiring little or no real skill, a simple meditation on Lilith’s harsh beauty when straddling the liminal space between waking consciousness and the sleeping realm can catapult the practitioner towards the right vibrational state to facilitate a meeting. Repressing the sexual urge and avoiding both masturbation and intercourse for a protracted period of time before the working is key here, as the incubi and succubi are drawn by the need for release in those that they stalk. This was the case in the monasteries of old, and rings just as true in the bedrooms of suburbia as it did way back then. Of course, it is unlikely that the operation will be successful the first time that it is attempted, though this mounting lust will improve your chances on each consecutive night after the first.

A gentle caress or quiet whisper will let you know that they have arrived and the resulting lucid dream will be memorable, even for those who normally are unable to recall their nocturnal world without help. Magicians with a better than average control over altered states of consciousness can break free of the incubi or succubi at this time, and request that the entity returns to their mother to let her know that you are seeking an audience. The fortitude displayed by those who can shake themselves from an intensely pleasurable sexual encounter with a creature that was created for that very purpose is guaranteed to pique the dark goddess’s interest, and may lead to an open dialogue forming without any real effort. Conversely, allowing one of her children to take up residence within your psyche for a longer period of time also works, though is an extremely dangerous tactic to adopt.

If these passive methods fail there are other ways to force a meeting. Ritualistic summoning is an obvious choice, and there are numerous techniques mentioned both in books and online. Many of these rely too heavily on commanding Lilith to appear before the magician, however, and as such are doomed to fail through a lack of respect for the goddess’s autonomy. Her spite is legendary, and as such any serious practitioner should avoid making the kind of demands which may be perceived as disrespectful. A less risky alternative for those familiar with the chaos current lies in crafting and charging sigils though masturbatory gnosis, and this technique proves effective when bent towards the goal of opening yourself up to potential contact. It is advisable to attempt this as often as remains pleasurable, and only until she personally appears, because from this point on your bioelectric energy is too valuable to waste.

For those who are uncomfortable in utilising masturbation as a methodology, the harsher discipline of blood magick can prove an effective alternative. As with the process mentioned previously, the idea is not to bind the goddess to you, but to create an invitation which attracts her attention through the wilful offering of life force. Utmost care must be taken to cleanse and prepare the ritual space ahead of time, as well as to stipulate that only Lilith can feed upon the liquid through chant or prayer. While not foolproof by any means, a cleansed workspace will hopefully remove any other astral parasites, including her own children, from the equation and protect the practitioner when they are at their most vulnerable. It goes without saying that all cuts should be small, the blood extracted using clean and sterilised implements and the wounds dressed competently afterwards too.

Once contact has been made, a pact is signed. Yet rather than being a thing of virgin parchment and dried blood as is to be expected, it is more of an interview of sorts. Lilith will assess your usefulness to her ongoing existence and in turn will offer the benefits of her patronage in payment. Such boons include the finding of a soul mate, the development of a wry charm and the confidence to engage in outright manipulation of others. She seeks out those with insight and wit, the outcasts who show above average creativity but seem to never get ahead, and pushes them to become more than they would have ever become alone. A look back through history highlights just how strong this attachment to writers and artists actually is, as well as hinting at how often their skills have been employed to undermine the patriarchy of the day.

Yet as befits a creature of autonomous rebellion, she is not interested in forcing those who are either unsure or unwilling to join her into making such a pact. The practitioner must actively seek this ancient goddess out, and run the gauntlet of her children before contact is made. Whether this is designed to test the worthiness of potential followers or to discourage the idle thrill seeker is anyone’s guess. Once the deal is in place she behaves much like any other patron deity, albeit one with a distinctly bleeding edge. Life force tends to be the main method of payment for services rendered, though this need not be from the practitioner themselves. A work of fiction which engages and titillates another reader seems to have the same effect, as does spreading the word and generating interest as I am doing now.