Year One

The Vulpine Blog turns one year old this week. While my online portfolio was actually registered a few months earlier, it was twelve months tomorrow that I posted the first of these shorter and more conversational entries. Fifty-two blogs have thus been uploaded, ignoring the irregular reposts of my externally published work, making this number fifty-three. As such it seems only right to look to the future of this ersatz brand and discuss my thoughts for what you can all expect before Beltane next year. Feel free to skip this entry if you are only interested in my more mystical exploits, because business as usual will resume from next week.

First, a history lesson. The original idea behind this blog section was to create a handful of opinion pieces and keep The Vulpine Portfolio ticking over in the gaps between reposting my externally commissioned material. Once I acquired an understanding of just how slow the wheels turn at most publishing houses, as well as the difficulty in finding those with a pro-occult viewpoint, it became blatantly obvious to me that filling this dead air would in fact become the norm. Around that time I decided to see if all Grant Morrison’s talk about hypersigils had any validity, and tasked myself with creating one to cement my magickal legacy.

Thus the decision was made to produce a new eight hundred word blog set over several paragraphs every Saturday morning, and so far at least I have managed to keep to that schedule. Recently the odd longer article has sneaked in too, usually when there was something I wanted to explore that just could not be expressed within those self imposed limits. Weirdly, this has settled into a definite routine all its own, and with all the other septimal symbology running through my efforts here I guess you could call that a meaningful coincidence. As with Morrison’s work my own hypersigil seems to have an unlife all of its own.

So, to the year ahead. Notably, there will be far less of a focus on approaching external publishers in the next twelve months, in part due to the lack of variety in the outlets available. I maintain a strong love for Pagan Dawn Magazine however, and might be working on something distinctly Technopagan for them at some point soon. In general I plan on restricting the majority of my submissions to topics that pique my interest though, so expect anything that sees print outside of The Vulpine Portfolio to focus on Neopagan rights and the odd necromantic endeavour.

The black cat is well and truly out of the bag as far as Lilith no longer being my demonic patron goes, but that does not mean that I will stop writing about her. Considering just how closely she is tied to my own magickal evolution any form of embargo on recounting tales from back then would be both self defeating and extremely foolish. Our split was timely, and amicable, so there is still wisdom worth sharing there should the mood to reminisce take me. September will also see me repost unedited versions of both the Spiral Nature articles I created about my former goddess last year, so watch this space for those too.

I also intend to knuckle down and get The Vulpine Necronet populated. This will take the form of blog articles outlining single paragraph biographies of notable deceased occultists, witches and magickians, six at a time as before. The first has been up since September last year, but the fact checking involved has so far caused me to focus my limited time elsewhere. With the recent passing of David Farrant I have decided to push myself to create a necromantic shrine to both him and the many others from our desperate communities who would otherwise go unremembered. Eventually I will no doubt grace such a list too, though thankfully not today.

A year is a long time to be working on anything, especially a site such as this one that has at best a niche audience and at worst none at all. In the age of YouTube and bite sized infotainment the blog might be a dying art form, yet if any group can benefit from the free dissemination of ideas in a textual format it is my fellow internet kids within the modern Neopagan movement. So I will carry on creating content in this sadly old fashioned format and post it every Saturday morning whether anyone reads it or not. My work here is an ongoing ritual, a hypersigil bonding me to the very fabric of reality. But as important as this may be for me, I like to think that it is doubly so for all of you.

4 thoughts on “Year One

  1. That’s extremely interesting that this blog is a hypersigil! Quite a few of my stories are hypersigils and I actually prefer the expression ‘have hypersigils in them’ because it is usually a few particular lines that constitute the hypersigil.
    I find that the results are unpredictable, and in the same way as sigils they work better for something simple and concrete. do you find that?

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    • That’s a very intriguing question.

      I’ve been meaning to put an entry together on hypersigils, as the term is most definitely open for interpretation. As far as The Vulpine Portfolio goes I guess you could see it as a cultural anchor point for the more occulted side of my nature – as well as a staging base for all the smaller strands of memetic magick that I undertake outside of my own home laboratory. It is my history, workbook and mouthpiece after all.

      Just as Grant Morrison used The Invisibles to change his life through inserting himself into the story, so I have done the same here. I guess you could view it as a way of encoding the occult as deep as possible into the fabric of my being through the Gavin Fox pseudonym. I have made a model of myself in the narrative I weave here, and that model is of a skilful and learned mage. Through it I have (hopefully) become the same, blending my real and ideal selves through the words you see. I am not fiction, but no magickian is ever truly fact either.

      Oh, and you’re right as far as the results being difficult to predict, though I’ve actually had great success using this blog to upload less defined concepts into the fabric of reality. I doubt you would be surprised just how often I am showered with sources and the like after running a particular idea through this place. Once you start thinking about a wider narrative, a greater collection of ideas, then there is less of a need to ask for specifics because the narrative itself will set the parameters and possible outcomes for you.

      Sorry for the long reply by the way, but I just love this theoretical stuff.

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