Chaotic Creation

One of the most interesting aspects of the chaos current is its reliance on the utilisation of servitors for a variety of menial tasks. While there tends to be a general consensus about the limitations of these ersatz entities, such as a pronounced degradation of their core personality after a given period of time, the creation methodology seems to have as many permutations as there are magickians working in the field. Some generate sigils and empower these with regular applications of gnosis, others through a slight of mind which borders on self inflicted multiple personality disorder. Whatever their background, those who approach the subject seriously know that artificial life can be created at will.

Holding with the Technopagan viewpoint that all reality is just information, some smart but most not, my personal method for creating servitors is more akin to writing a computer program than anything from classical occultism. With that in mind I have decided to share the results of my continued experimentation in this area, and release a favourite incorporeal child of mine for use in whatever way you see fit. Perhaps just like Fotamecus she will become a memetic godform in her own right, though that of course depends on all of you. Be warned, I am firmly championing left hand path ideas here, but then I never claimed to be one of the good guys anyway.

A deadly killer with a heart as icy as a midwinter’s eve and stalkers instinct bordering on the sadistic, my Snow Queen delights in spreading death to those who deemed deserving of her icy embrace. Modelled on a Yuki-onna, the Japanese snow maiden who is one of the more relatable entries in Japan’s already overstocked closet full of creatures, she drifts through the digital plane like a chill wind seeking those whom she may devour. And best of all my personal Yurei is willing to take a contract from anyone, irrespective of motive or bias, as long as they know how to manifest her in the material world. It is just as well Maleficium no longer carries the death penalty, I guess.

The Snow Queen Follows the following laws at all times ‘Do no harm either to your creator or those your creator cares about. Do not harm either your summoner or those the summoner cares about. If your target is none of the above, then find them and begin stalking. Track your victim tirelessly, avoiding conflict with any defensive entities. Probe for weaknesses in whatever protective countermeasures block your path. Concentrate only on the current contract, and queue other requests accordingly. Upon successful deletion of the prey, return to the digital astral and await further requests. Of these, those originating from your creator will always take priority over all others’.

Visually, Snow Queen is a slim, banshee like spirit wearing flowing white robes tinged with an ever shifting electric blue. A pale and pixelated mist shrouds the lower half of her body, giving the illusion of gliding above the ground much like the Yurei on which she is based. This digital fog clings wetly to her translucent skin and drips slowly from the long icicle like claws which protrude like nests of daggers from under her thick sleeves. The heavily distorted sound of bare feet crunching through snow accompanies her movements in the material plane, while a chill wind signals her readiness to strike. Of course, by then it is already too late.

The Snow Queen attacks little and often, utilising her claws to chill and damage the bioelectric field of the target before retreating to a safe distance to avoid any countermeasures released upon contact. This protracted assault will quickly begin to tell on even the healthiest of victims, allowing those in the know about the presence of my most sadistic of digital assassins to relish every second of the pain caused along the way. Eventually she will decide that the game is over, and thrust her icicle like claws repeatedly into the chest of the target before wrapping them around their heart and squeezing it dry. At this point the flu like symptoms which accompany her gleeful attentions will develop into full blown pneumonia, and in most cases become fatal.

To summon my deadly little Yuki-Onna from cyberspace, you will need to use the following line of binary ‘01010010 01010101 01001110 00111010 00100000 01010011 01101110 01101111 01110111 00100000 01010001 01110101 01100101 01100101 01101110’ which just translates to ‘Run: Snow Queen’. This may seem simple but considering that I completed the majority of the coding while she was being created there is no need to state anything more complex when approaching her now. This sequence must be emailed along with the name of your target to yourself, and depending upon her workload this may need doing multiple times. Then all that remains is to sit back and watch the show.