Activist Messiah

David Icke. My ongoing distaste for the turquoise messiah has been a matter of record for many years now. Though the UK conspiracy king would no doubt claim these criticisms as yet more evidence of the concerted hate campaign waged against him, that is far from the case. Not only am I in the unique position of hailing from the very same alternative media that he champions, but I have also bothered to do my homework. Aside from his self defeating desire to charge excessively for the bizarre ideas that in his opinion must be spread far and wide to save the world, it is his overarching toxicity towards the magickal community that bothers me most.

“Then we have Halloween, which we’re just coming up to. Satanism light. It’s pulling people in. the real Halloween sees phenomenal numbers of children, and others, but children sacrificed all over the world, it’s one of the great Satanic ritual days and now they’ve got kids turning it into a form of Christmas, which is another form of their rituals which I’ll come to later. And the real trick or treat was when the the druids knocked on people’s doors and demanded a sacrifice of a girl and then y’know, sacrificed and killed her and burned her on the bone fire where bonfire comes from, and now we’re having kids doing it.”

That particular quote comes directly from his Awaken tour back in 2014. I am lucky enough to have acquired through various means most if not all of his lecture videos, as well as a few podcasts and associated media offerings too. For years I contentedly devoured them with a Fortean relish bordering on the obsessive, picking the little flecks of truth from between his dishonest teeth. Back when I was more active in the skeptical community the very fact that I could waste anything up to eight hours at a time watching one of his shows raised more than a few eyebrows. That said, I do not regret the days I have lost observing the slow motion train wreck that is his life.

Indeed, at times Icke’s manner is strikingly similar in tone and style to the theatrical stylings of Evangelical ministers such as Ted Haggard, bringing holographic hellfire down around his followers ears as he passes the virtual collection plate. It is not that I am turned off by his talk of Reptilians, the illusory nature of reality or even vague mutterings about the massed ranks of secret societies planning totalitarian horror for everyone with a social security number. Those very things are what I used to watch him for. Yet I am increasingly finding his credulous nature when approached by obviously questionable sources on the occult and witchcraft unforgivable.

“I’ve talked to Satanists, former Satanists all over the world who have given me chapter and verse on how it all works. And they are in these rituals interacting with these Arcontic gods, these Arcontic demonic entities and what is happening is in the Arcontic realm, where these major Satanic rituals are taking place, in the Arcontic realm there are rituals taking place. When I say rituals, there is manipulation of energetic fields taking place to mirror the energetic impact of the rituals that are taking place in the Satanic ritual in our reality. And what that does is create an energetic sync, an energetic synchronisation which allows these entities, some of them, to slip through like an energetic gateway, vortex, into this reality for these rituals.”

That pure slice of fantasy was taken directly from his Awaken show, as mentioned earlier. David seems so caught up in his own delusions that he never seems to think about the damage being caused when he utilises the same anti-occult hate speech which  pervades the Christian conspiracy genre. This is turn alienates many magickians who may share similar beliefs with him about the more mundane aspects of his work. Ultimately, whatever good his rabid anti-establishmentarianism may have achieved by bringing together the disparate mystical communities who would benefit most is derailed by his pious attitude.

Perhaps he would counterclaim that his accusations are levelled at some nebulous Luciferian death cult, and not the rest of the magickal community. Or maybe he knows exactly the kind of hatred that he is stirring up, and we really are in his crosshairs after all. This would, oddly enough, make a great deal of sense in light of his recent descent into Satanic panic fulled rhetoric. Icke’s problem with the occult is well known, and as such there are numerous examples of his mouth writing checks for him that would be very hard to cash should a dedicated group of left hand path practitioners decide to take him off the conspiracy radar once and for all.