The Next Twelve

As the new year lurches unsteadily out of the bloody warehouse where it left the battered corpse of its lacklustre predecessor we are forced to wonder what awaits us all over the next twelve months. For those pop culture magickians like myself who are noticeably more attuned to the entropic qualities of time and cannibalistic nature of society this question is doubly pronounced. It has been a rough decade so far. The 21st Century has failed to deliver on the new age nirvana promised by those who saw the turn of the millennium as a gateway to personal freedom. As such, you will all forgive me if I sound blatantly cynical about our chances.

However, while I could burn this page to ashes with my hatred for the way the world has hardened towards those who would live outside of the accepted social norms that is not the topic of discussion for today. My ongoing efforts to ferment a magickal revolution will have to wait for another entry, though it is never far from my thoughts and tints everything I write a heady shade of black. No, I am going to ring in the new year with a state of the union address of sorts, and highlight my plans for the next twelve months. I shall also briefly reflect upon 2018, and my achievements therein too, all within eight hundred words.

Last year was my most successful so far from the point of view of seeing my work in print. Highgate Hindsight, which ran in Pagan Dawn, saw me revisiting my favourite London urban legend. It also gave me the opportunity to show support for one of our own who was unjustly convicted in the last English witch trial of the 20th Century. They also commissioned me to write a short piece on ghost hunting, and as such Pagan Spirits hit the shelves in their 50th anniversary issue too. Around the same time my two part love letter to Lilith was picked up by Spiral Nature and proved to be an instant hit with that site’s audience as well.

While the portfolio section of this site has been active since 2017, June marked my first foray into blogging for a long time. Designed to provide a shorter and more instantly accessible counterpoint to my longer articles, these micro essays on a variety of weird and unusual concepts have proven to be extremely popular up to this point. Covering topics as diverse as modern necromancy, retro technopaganism and lists of the best books to read when just starting out, the most rewarding thing about producing these has been the opportunity to make my unique voice heard without the input of an editor to hold me back.

As such, while the original plan was to finish blogging at the end of 2018 I am instead going to keep producing these shorter essays for the foreseeable future. It has given me an unprecedented opportunity to work through my personal demons and commit to screen some truly bizarre experiences, as well as question my perceptions in a very public way too. This section of my portfolio has become integral to my ongoing occult studies in a completely unexpected way, and as a result the need to know, to dare, to will, and to tell the whole damn world pretty much dominates everything I do now.

The future is difficult to plan for at the best of times. That said, I do intend to see my work in print again this year, though I have yet to get the time to sit down and pitch anything of note to anywhere noteworthy. As previously mentioned The Vulpine Blog will continue to be posted every Saturday while The Vulpine Necronet will still receive irregular updates from time to time too. Conversely, I have decided to shelve Cinema Grim, my occult film review section, as there are others out there already exploring that subject batter than I ever could. Otherwise, the general consensus is one of business as usual across the board.

As I get ready to post this, there are around three hundred days until Samhain and fifty or so more until Yule. The nights are slowly shortening and despite the promise of a freezing winter here in Cardiff spring is never far away. The wheel of the year is ever turning. Time waits for no man nor woman. We are all called to the dance but once and then fade into memory. I refuse to die unremembered, and as such I am writing my own legacy. Please consider sharing my work wherever you think it would be appreciated, because if my study of necromancy has taught me anything it is that there is no glory in being forgotten.

2 thoughts on “The Next Twelve

    • Hi Michael, thanks for stopping by my eldritch little corner of cyberspace and taking the time to comment too.

      As far as being forgotten goes, I can’t think of anything more terrifying. My physical form is doomed to rejoin the earth, this I accept, yet is it not the human condition to desire that my ideas carry on? Perhaps me and Crowley have more in common that I would like to admit, as his courting of the press, both good and bad, has long led me to ponder if he was as worried about leaving living memory as I am.

      Truth is, even as a working necromancer, I am undecided as to the reality of survival after death. As such I prefer to hedge my bets and make the most of infecting the zeitgeist with my ideas while alive. In that I am no different from the Pharaohs of yesteryear, building monuments of words instead of stone.

      This is just an opinion based on the current status of my occult research of course. If I am wrong then I’ll be sure to continue posting blog entries here long after the worms have made a meal of my corpse, to update everyone on how warm the void is.

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