Scatter Sigils

One of the main reasons that I initially gravitated towards sigil magick was the way it played into my existing skill set. As an artist of some small talent I quickly found that there was little stopping me from embedding increasingly complex memetic glyphs into unrelated commissions, be this through logos, tatoos or even the positioning of the characters themselves against an obviously emotive backdrop. Upon commencing work with my lady Lilith and her numerous incorporeal children these artworks would take on a darker sexual aspect, one that better suited the topics we were exploring together, yet even those which could be considered depressingly mainstream still maintained a definite supernatural edge.

Personal history aside, I realise that not everyone is as confident with their artistic talents as I am. As such sigils, the undisputed king of quick-fire casting, can easily become the very last choice within the increasingly complex armoury of mystical mumbo-jumbo that we all acquire while walking upon our chosen path. This is ultimately a position that does one of my favourite methodologies an unforgivable disservice while also weakening less experienced practitioners who would gain much from exploring their continued use. Now as always it is the magickian against the world, and as such no advantage should be overlooked in manifesting what is desired.

Though at its most generic sigilisation is simply a process whereby the original statement of intent is rendered down to constituent letters and then onward to become a freehand pictograph roughly encapsulating the initial idea behind the spell, this is not the only way open to the magus to make the switch between language and symbols. It is well known that some occultists prefer to work with the magick squares found in the old grimoire literature, a choice that also grants the added bonus of allowing them to tie rituals to the most appropriate planetary current as well. However, for those of you who exist in a liminal space that is not ruled by such simple superstitions I now present the scatter sigil as an alternative.

A methodology for creating completely random planetary style grids at a moments notice, without the need for any real artistic training, the scatter sigil is likely to be viewed as something of a heresy in more formal occult circles. The basic premise is simple, but deviates from the standard procedure almost from the outset. When finalising the chain of letters that will become fodder for your final glyph, only the duplicates are removed and the vowels are kept. This is fundamental to the process I am about to describe, as the grid that you will be transferring said chain onto will have twenty-six points, one for each letter of the alphabet.

As for the final shape, that is where the scatter aspect comes in. There are no mathematical formulas to follow, no long list of positions to calculate depending upon the phases of the moon or time and tides. The entire point of such open handed magick is to create as broad an impact as possible without the need for undue complexity. While there is a time and a place for elaborate ritual, this is most definitely not it. All that is required to create your own scatter sigil is a piece of graph paper and a pen, which is dropped twenty-six times in sequence at random, each impact becoming the position of a letter in order until the entire alphabet is represented.

Once the grid is finalised it is a deceptively simple matter of joining the dots, starting with the initial letter in your intent and then drawing a line to the next, before carrying on to the following one and so on. It might look messy at first, but should eventually make sense once you run out of letters and end up with your finalised sigil design. As for possible artistic flourishes, those are really up to the individual. Colour, line weight or even emoji, all are fair game when creating a defined symbol of memetic intent. There are no rules, only the freedom to create and a set framework on which to do so.

And of course, the process need not be as bland as I have previously described, nor does the occultist have to throw out their heritige in the face of such underlying simplicity if they wish. Perhaps runes or other supposedly mystical glyphs that represent and therefore reinforce the final intent of the working could be used at such locations instead of arbitrary symbols such as circles, triangles or pentagrams. As with all of my more free form magick it is really up to you how much effort is expended on the creative side of the pre-manifestation process. No one else has the right to judge your methodology, just your results.

2 thoughts on “Scatter Sigils

  1. Hi! I am pen pals with a student of Thelema and Golden Dawn in prison who I think would like this post. Paper is expensive, but one of the few things he can use. (Tarot and any other magickal tools are only allowed if a Thelema volunteer comes into the prison – and there’s almost NO Pagan Prison Ministry especially for Thelema! He’s just allowed a medallion, not even Book of Shadows.) Paper is expensive, but sometimes he can get scrap paper – the Christian volunteers print on just one side and often have one Bible quote sentence in the middle, so he can fold and tear that into paper for sigils. Would you mind if I copied it for him? It’s the EXACT sort of thing people in prison need. If they can get any books, most are big on RULES and ingredients prison doesn’t allow.

    Your take on a more intuitive, personal way that works for you will inspire him to work with what he knows, has and does well. You’d actually probably be a good author of a Chaos Magick booklet for prisoners. $5 is a lot of money to them, so it’s not a profitable business and you really can’t advertise in prison, but there’s a big need for the way you teach. CreateSpace (now Kindle Direct Publishing) would make a 100 page book like $1.75 each. You just order them when someone writes, sending the price and shipping, so you never lose money.

    I’ve never told anyone “You’ve got the style for prison” before ! LOL! Thing is the average education is 8th grade and lots of learning disabilities, so no 50¢ words. But I bet you have enough blog posts on the topic to do a 75 page book with just minor edits if you wanted. I’d help promote it.

    Wyrd, this is NOT what I expected to write you. I just wanted permission to copy this with your name as author.

    His neighbor is a Satanist, and yes, no prison according to Anton, but the guy has really severe psychological issues and really no resources. He CAN read – he just has nothing to read. None of the prisoners with disabilities get any money, and the prison library isn’t that well stocked with Satanism.


    • Well hello everyone at Gullveig Press, and thanks for taking the time to comment.

      I have to say that you guys do some very honourable work. While I’m not quite ready to put together a book myself, I would be deeply honoured to feature in one of your upcoming for prison projects. If you want to republish Scatter Sigils I won’t charge, as long as I am fully credited on the article and you let me know when it goes live.

      I’m also going to signal boost your blog over at my Twitter too, see if that helps.

      Oh, and you made me smile with that third from last paragraph. Under normal circumstances being told that you have the right style for prison would come across in a similar way to finding out that you have a great face for radio, but you make a good point and make it well.

      Magick for me has always been as open handed and free-form as possible, because when your back is firmly against the wall what you don’t have you can’t lose. And honestly, as condescending as some might think it sounds, if you can’t make reality shut up and take notice of your will with just a pencil and some scrap paper, there’s no point in drawing massive chalk circles on the ground and burning sixty dollar candles either.

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