Activist Paranoia

It is only natural for those of a magickal persuasion to feel some kind of empathy for the leading lights of the conspiracy field. On the surface these tinfoil warriors seem to be striving against the same forms of top down control and enforced reality that we find ourselves bound up within on a daily basis. Yet such solidarity is a dangerous fantasy that needs to be avoided at all costs, especially around their increasingly rabid followers. This mass of faceless paranoids can usually get away with displaying a far greater militancy than their alternative messiahs, who of course would renounce violence should the mainstream media come calling for a soundbite after the fact.

While it would be disingenuous of me to speak for all such theorists, the vast majority of those with any sort of media profile seem to have made their reputation by pouring scorn upon the Illuminati and other related secret societies. If they did their research better, as opposed to making shit up wholesale, they would soon see that few of these currently exist in any meaningful form outside of their own paranoia. When you realise that the majority of these people are Christian zealots out to burn witches for the unforgivable crime of ritualised occult practice the situation becomes darker still.

That’s right, the very stuff that we all do on a daily basis, all the hard won research and blood-soaked toil is seen as evil in their blindly polarised world view. Worse, every magickian is relegated to nothing more than a servant of Lucifer in their eyes. Watch the masters of this particular field at work and you begin to understand just how formulaic their angst actually is. Terms such as Bohemian Grove and Pizzagate are wheeled out ad infinitum in sold out arena shows the length and breadth of an increasingly paranoid world while numerous thousand page books are printed, each one full to the brim with shoddy research and poorly connected dots.

Though oddballs such as David Icke are at least watchable for their ingenuity and imagination, many more simply crow on for a hour or so at a time about the dangers of magick and the groups that regularly utilise it. We are all charged with being child murdering cultists who threaten the workings of their long desired global Christian theocracy by our very existence. Alex Jones, a man who has recently seen almost his entire social media presence evaporate much like his marriage did a few years ago, is by far the most vocal example of this reprehensible anti occult propaganda. Worse, he has an entire television network through which to spread his draconian bile.

Once again the outsider is named suspect, and the supposedly awakened masses are warned to fear any power that even the smallest group of spiritually free men and women hold. While those in conspiracy circles may initially seem to be fighting for freedom, their idea of what it means is fundamentally different to that of the modern magickal diaspora. In the case of Icke it is a shortsighted crusade against the government and banking cartels, while Jones and his ilk wish for nothing short of the apocalypse so that they can suckle at the teat of their fictitious messiah while floating up to heaven as naked as the day they were hatched from under the dung heap.

In their worldview, every politician is a Satanist and all Satanists are paedophiles. The Queen is a lizard that feeds on the fear of tortured children to survive. We are still being stopped from going to the South Pole by Nazi flying saucers who guard the entrance to a hollow earth. Our moon is an alien space ship designed to direct mind control rays beamed from Saturn. Doctors at Planned Parenthood murder Christian fetuses for the Devil. The ruling elite get together once or twice a year and sacrifice virgins to their eldritch masters before drinking the left over blood for desert. Planet Earth is only four thousand years old and the dinosaur remains were put there to confound modern scholars. The list goes on and on.

Never forget that we remain, by virtue of our interest in the supernatural, the very people they would move on to eradicating next once larger targets such as the Illuminati and reptilian bloodlines are brought to their knees. Of course the fact that neither of these groups, or the many others like them that do the rounds in the works of the alternative media, actually exist goes some way towards making the modern occult community a little bit safer. That is until the misguided fools stop chasing imaginary magickians and decide to start aiming their numerous disciples towards those who dabble in such things for real instead.