Literary Immortality

Perhaps it is a quirk of my chaotic nature, but I cannot seem to keep a dedicated magickal diary. I find such introspection dull and lifeless, bland little anecdotes without context which inevitably misrepresent the fossilised remains of past adventures. Yet when I translate those raw facts and opinions into a format that I can share with others they become something vibrant and alive. As I am fond of saying, no magickian is an island, nor chaote a small principality. Interaction is as vital to the occultist’s ongoing development as the years of reading which got them to the point where their opinions actually make some semblance of sense.

While The Vulpine Portfolio is just the most recent expression of that need to present my findings it is by far the most important, for here I have chosen to draw a line in the sand and create a stable platform for my ideas once and for all. That is also why I have tasked myself with posting one eight hundred word article a week, at least until the end of December. Honestly, It has not been an easy process. Not only was this website never really designed to have a blog section in the first place, but other demands on my time will likely lead to a few close shaves as the midnight on Saturday morning deadline approaches and I have nothing to say.

But just as Crowley endured, I persist. If you are wondering why I put so much effort into creating a dedicated brand to showcase my admittedly strange ideas, the answer is simple: I want to pen my own legacy. Even as a practising necromancer I am still skeptical enough to have doubts about my chances of continuing beyond the physical when the time comes. Carry that forward to its inevitable conclusion and words may well be all that is left behind me once I am rendered down to bone meal by the jackboot of old father time. I have no children, nor do I desire disciples in the classic sense either. My path actually lies inside your mind.

Infesting the zeitgeist with the contents of my subconscious has become an overriding concern of late. Books, magazines and online journals, the platform is nowhere near as important as the message. That said, The Vulpine Portfolio will always take priority. I did look at the idea of self publishing a while back, but ultimately decided that to do so would remove much of the joy and pride from the process. If everyone can do something then it quickly loses its lustre for me, as well as the overwhelming sense of achievement which accompanies a successful submission. I am in no way casting shade on those who choose to go down that route, however.

Some very interesting ideas have been shared through services such as Kindle Direct and even good old fashioned PDF file hosting over the years, and not all necessarily within the limitations of copyright law either. But at this point in my writing career at least it is not for me. As to why I do not try reaching a larger audience through video instead of text, the answer actually comes from understanding my target demographic. Despite what those who hail YouTube as the second coming might think old habits die the hardest, and even now a substantial section of the modern magickal diaspora would rather read than watch.

While Ignoring that aspect of the digital revolution, the closest that most of us will get to having our own media empire is through podcasting. If I do ever decide to leap from the printed page that may well be the method of choice, though until then I intend to keep concentrating on my work here instead. With that in mind I am planning on continuing to share my previously published articles for free when I am able to do so, and maintain a regularly updated blog to give you all a window into my decidedly eldritch little world as well.

So that is the story of how my inability to keep a magickal diary has instead spawned a small but increasingly important digital egrigore. Writing helps to bring order to the swirling void at the centre of my psyche, and as a result The Vulpine Portfolio will continue to evolve and expand as I do, fed by the fleeting interest of those who stop to read my words but never solely reliant upon the attention. As long as I still draw breath this website will share those insights, and perhaps for many years after I am gone too should the domain persist. thus I strive to seek immortality, one paragraph at a time.

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