Overdue Introductions

Welcome to my occult blog, a subtly distinct area of The Vulpine Portfolio that carries a vitally important purpose. The idea of this section is to provide a platform for all of the opinions and personal observations that might not make it into fully fledged essays. That means that I can post updates far more regularly than those which either require many weeks of research to get right, or rely upon the whims of external publishers to even see the light of day in the first place.

It is here that I plan to link my readers to interesting pieces by other magickal writers, as well as offering my own evaluation of those ideas. Aside from that, these entries are designed to be shorter, more accessible and further grounded in current events than the longform journalism that I showcase elsewhere in my portfolio. And yes, you can even leave comments here, unlike the rest of my site which has them disabled by default. It is always nice to hear from my fellow gravehounds, though I may not get around to replying right away.

If you ever wondered what bothers a chaos magickian on a daily basis, these articles will give you a much more personal insight into my most vulpine of mindsets. I’m currently attempting to keep to a once a week schedule, and if all goes to plan should have a pretty sizeable catalogue of entries by the end of the year – my day job and other writing commitments permitting of course. With that explanation out of the way, here’s a few things about The Vulpine Portfolio in general that I wanted to cover for those that are new to my online home.

Firstly, not all of my published work can be featured here. While I do have a list in my About The Author section that will be updated as and when my writing hits the printed page, contractual obligations sometimes prevent me from reposting the entire article for free. That said, if I can than I most definitely will. I benefited greatly from the open exchange of information that typified the early days of the internet, and if my work can be a link in the chain that helps a younger chaote to become more skilful then all the better.

Secondly, don’t forget to check out The Vulpine Necronet. Sure, it’s not that big on content at the moment, but I am constantly working to update and expand upon the entries as I get the time. It is designed as a morbid memorial of sorts, a list of notable and interesting magickians who have passed beyond the veil. I do specialise in the whole urban necromancy thing, after all, and seeking to marry that with my love of occult history led me to create something truly special out of news reports and grave dust.

Finally, my plans for the future. I am actively seeking publication again this year, and then hopefully on a relatively regular basis from then on. I will repost these to my Published Writing section when I can, and announce where you will be able to view it elsewhere if I cannot. I am also looking to add further items to my portfolio, most likely a series of short cyberpunk and Lovecraftian horror reviews, and a few more longform pieces as and when I can get them finished too.

So there you go gravehounds, a busy, but fulfilling journey I am sure you will agree. As someone who has tended to allow his work speak for him in the past, this blogspace section will allow me to step out from behind the curtain and show exactly why I do what I do. It will allow you to gain a grasp on my thoughts and a window on my creative process, as well as a chance to laugh along with me when one of my magickal experiments goes horribly wrong. And above all else it will prove that even the most adversarial magickian is just as human as everyone else, albeit with one cloven hoof in the otherworld.

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